10 Commandments for a Short-Term Mission Trip

Here is my version of the 10 Commandments for Short-Term Mission Trips (I originally got the idea for this after reading a similar list of commandments for short-term missions on Trevin Wax’s blog).

My 10 Commandments for Short-Term Mission Trips

1. Remember that the primary function of a short-term mission trip is to partner with God in what he’s doing in a given part of the world.
2. Always seek to serve those with whom you are partnering — whatever that may mean.
3. Lay down your expectations and be ready for whatever the Spirit wants to do.
4. Be flexible.
5. Honor the authorities over you, including government and church authorities.
6. Leave a light cultural and financial foot print in the area that you’re visiting.
7. Be a learner. Prepare for your trip by studying the culture or area that you’re visiting, but also continue to ask questions and learn during the trip.

8. Be respectful of and sensitive to cultural differences.
9. Demonstrate integrity. Don’t make promises about following up or staying in touch that you can’t keep. If you do make them, keep them.
10. Make prayer the staple of the trip. Ask God what to do, where to go, and how to act each and every day. Strive to go deeper in the Lord through this experience, and look for signs of how he may be answering your prayers each day of the project.

What would you add to the list?

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