Taking a Break… and Looking Ahead?

What’s your youth ministry look like right now? Are you slowing down (even ever so slightly) and accessing how your summer and fall programs went? What are some of the things you’re looking to do in 2011 to build disciples?

In our ministry, we’re about to kickoff fundraising activities for a small team of youth and adults that will be heading down to Haiti in July (you know, because it’s so nice in the Caribbean that time of year). And we just finished our fall retreat, so the team is focused on continuing to build the relationships with our younger/new students that developed during the weekend away.
I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas — it means a break is coming, and I’ll have some time to reflect on what’s working and what we’d like to try out in the new year. While building disciples isn’t about programs and activities, it’s still worth weighing their effectiveness in light of your long-term goals.
Clint Bokelman, AIM’s director of short term missions, shares some thoughts about reflecting on the past and planning for the future in this quick video.