Reasons Why Christian Youth Don’t Share Their Faith

Here are some interesting reasons for why youth don’t share their faith in Christ, compliments of Brian Ford:

They think the youth leadership team will do it for them – If
all we do is preach Matthew 28:19-20, but don’t push them to take
action they will always expect us to do it for them.

They are afraid of rejection – It’s that point when
you begin to share your faith in Christ and the person cuts you off
before you even have a chance to get into the meat of the gospel story. 

They lack the confidence – All of us at some point has
and will experience moments where our confidence level is low.

They don’t know how to bring it up – How do you make the transition
in conversation from talking about the weather to Jesus?

They are afraid they don’t know enough – This goes
back to our part as leaders, discipling and training our teens to share
their faith. If they are growing deep in their faith then sharing it
will get easier every time.

They are afraid they will be labeled as religious – When our teens share the love of Christ instead
religion, not everyone will label them as a religious nut. When sharing
our faith we need to show people our hearts and true intentions.

It’s not lived out in their homes & churches – If Mom
and Dad aren’t modeling it and the church isn’t modeling it, our teens
won’t be doing it.

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Why do you think youth don’t always share their faith when they should?

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